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As a service to our Correction Officer clients, we proudly represent members in their applications for Disability Pensions before NYCERS. This includes procuring all relevant medical records, answering correspondence with NYCERS, advising regarding all questions asked during the in-person examination and attending the Medical Board Examination with clients.

More About Correction Officers DISABILITY PENSION

Performance of Duty Disability

Commonly known as ‘Three-Quarters,’ you must be found to be disabled by the NYCERS Medical Board as the result an act of an inmate while performing your duties to qualify for approval. The standard is whether or not you are able to perform your job duties full duty under your title. Members who contract certain diseases of the heart, hepatitis, AIDS or tuberculosis in the performance of duty may be entitled to benefits under this provision as well.

Additionally, members who are approved for a Performance of Duty Disability Retirement may qualify for benefits under a Federal Program. Our office also represents members in their application for benefits under this program.

Accidental Disability

You are eligible if you are awarded Primary Social Security Disability Benefits or if you are found to be disabled by the NYCERS’ Medical Board and the Board of Trustees determine that the disability is the natural and proximate result of an accident not caused by your own negligence.

Ordinary Disability Benefit

Member must have at least five years of Credited Service and found to be disabled by Social Security Administration. This provision is for individuals who suffered a disability that may or may not be related to their job.

Disability Retirement

Must be found to be disabled by the NYCERS’ Medical Board. If the member has less than 10 years of service, the Medical Board must also determine whether or not the injury was caused by an accident. For members who have greater than 10 years of service, this provision provides benefits to those found to be disabled from an injury that may or may not be job related.

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At Aronova and Associates, we understand the tough nature of the job Correction Officers perform. There are a number of Disability Pension Provisions available for members. Contact us today to discuss your potential claim. 

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