Social Security Disability Appeal

Social Security Disability Appeal

Social Security Disability

Aronova & Associates offers highly skilled and specialized social security disability appeal lawyers covering Long Island’s Nassau County, Manhattan, and the other four boroughs of New York City. Our office is centrally located in Garden City, New York. We are available by phone 24/7 to take down your information for a free legal consultation.

A lawyer with knowledge and experience in SSDI appeals is a valuable asset to have if you want the process to go smoothly. You’ll undoubtedly have many questions during this difficult time — that’s why our goal is to reduce your stress and worry, so that you can focus on healing.

More About Social Security Disability

Help with social security disability appeal

Some people try to go through the process on their own. It is possible to go this route and win, though it requires more legwork and patience on your end. A popular and effective alternative is to call an attorney who specializes in disability law. An Aronova & Associates representative will work tirelessly on your behalf to secure a favorable result. According to the Social Security Resource Center, claimants are twice as likely to win an appeal when represented by an attorney.

How to win disability appeal with a legal representative:

There are numerous benefits of working with a New York attorney for your social security disability appeal. We can:

  • Double-check your medical records to make sure there are no omissions or inconsistencies.
  • Contact physicians and medical providers for additional details that will make a more persuasive case.
  • Obtain lengthy written opinions from your doctor about your ability to work.
  • Help you prepare for questioning in court to alleviate fears and answer questions you may have.
  • Cross-examine the vocational expert hired by the Social Security Administration who disagrees with your claim.
  • Minimize weaknesses with your case in court and build up strengths, based on personal knowledge of the law.
  • Lobby to skip the time-consuming hassle of hearings and go straight to approval with an on-the-record decision.

Why bother with a social security disability appeal?

The reality is that the VAST MAJORITY of people who file for disability are denied and must also file an appeal for reconsideration. Did you know that 70 percent of the people who apply for social security disability are denied after their initial application? This can seem like disheartening news, but it’s not all gloomy. Understand that a denial is NOT a dead-end, but more of a necessary roadblock on your path to receiving disability benefits.

Each time you resubmit your claim for appeal, your chances of approval increase. Consider this:

  • About 15 percent of the people who resubmit are approved upon the first review.
  • About 50 percent of the people who resubmit a second time receive approval with the help of legal advocacy.

Appeals may be approved for:

  • Senior citizens
  • Mental conditions
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Past work histories involving physical exertion
  • Cases where symptoms persist even after medical treatment
  • Cases where symptoms cause reduced earning capacity

Sometimes it can be difficult to gather all the necessary information to support a claim. Many people with serious injuries fill out the forms themselves, only to find that the process of gaining approval is not so straightforward. Aronova & Associates specializes in working with medical practitioners, employers, and third-party experts to build a substantial case for SSDI benefits.

The disability appeal process

If you are denied, you may request an appeal in writing within 60 days of the denial. The disability appeal process goes as follows:

  • Appeal: You’ll need to submit information like the name and contact information of a friend or relative who can testify about your condition, a description of changes to your medical condition, the tests and treatments you’ve undergone since the last submission, prescription medication names, and more. You can submit an application online, which will take 40-60 minutes.
  • Reconsideration: A new individual will look at the original evidence submitted, plus any new information. You will be notified of the decision reached.
  • Hearing: If you disagree with the reconsideration, you can ask for a hearing with an administrative law judge. You will need to be present in court, which is usually somewhere within 75 miles of your home. You may be asked to provide more information, bring witnesses, or testify. In some circumstances, a video hearing can be scheduled, or you may write to the judge with the reasons why you cannot attend the hearing.
  • Appeals Council Review: If you disagree with the hearing, you can request review by the Social Security Appeals Council. The case can be reconsidered or remanded to an administrative law judge for review.
  • Federal Court Review: If you disagree with the Appeal Council’s decision, you can file a lawsuit in a federal district court.

Why get a lawyer for social security disability appeal? To speed up the process

The wait time can be considerate for disability appeals:

  • 60 days for reconsideration appeal, and
  • 12 months or more for a hearing with an administrative law judge.

Aronova & Associates knows how to get some cases processed in less than 30 days using processes like: TERI for terminal illnesses, Quick Disability Determination, or Compassionate Allowances. There are over 100 conditions (from Lou Gehrig’s and acute leukemia to pancreatic cancer and early-onset Alzheimer’s) that meet the criteria for “Compassionate Allowances” that can speed up your claim if you have a representative who knows how to flag your file.

Social security disability appeal lawyer fees

Given your reduced capacity or inability to work now, you may fear that legal representation is unaffordable. At Aronova & Associates, we work on contingency, so you pay us no fee unless we win your case. If your appeal is approved, our SSDI appeals attorneys receive a previously agreed-upon percentage of your disability backpay. By law, a representative cannot charge or collect a fee without getting written approval from Social Security.

Why Should I Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

We fight for your benefits

You can try to file for SSDI on your own, but you’re likely to run into a drawn-out, emotional process fraught with frustration and disappointment. Some days you just need a compassionate ear. You need to feel like someone is fighting in your corner and believes in you.

Social security disability appeal attorneys at Aronova & Associates will provide clear, friendly, and consistent communication with you every step of the way. Your attorney will put pressure on the system to resolve your appeal faster through every method possible, and will make sure your case is as strong as possible going into the hearing or review.

Don’t leave your appeal up to chance! Hire a social security appeal lawyer who will fight for the financial benefits you need.

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Wherever you are in the process of applying for disability benefits, from filing an initial application to making an appeal, our SSD attorneys can answer your questions and help your claim get approved. 

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