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Denied Social Security Disability ? What Happened, Why, and What Do To Now

Social Security Disability

Denied disability? You have options. Many worthy candidates have their applications initially denied — it’s standard operating procedure for the Social Security Administration. Their goal is to keep costs down. Our goal is to help you get the benefits you desperately need and are entitled to. New Yorkers who have been denied social security disability benefits are invited to contact the SSDI attorneys at Aronova & Associates. 

We know the system and how to make it work for our clients. Let us help take the stress and fear out of the process. We have years of experience helping people get the monthly income they need. The first consultation is free of charge, so if you’ve received a Social Security denial letter, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling our firm today.

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Reasons Denied Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration has identified the six most common reasons for denied social security disability benefits:

  1. The applicant’s disability is not severe, or it is not expected to last more than 12 months.
  2. The claimed disability does not prevent the applicant from doing his or her job, or some other types of tasks at his or her place of employment.
  3. The disability is the result of a substance addiction.
  4. The applicant did not include sufficient medical evidence to verify the disability.
  5. The applicant is not cooperating with his or her physicians, or is not following a prescribed rehabilitation program or treatment plan.
  6. The applicant went back to work before the disability has been verified.

Many SSI denials are based on the subjective conclusions of an Administration officer, sometimes as a result of incomplete information on an application. For example, an applicant may claim that back pain prevents him or her from standing at a workstation for a regular work shift. The Administration would likely respond by saying that the applicant’s employer could accommodate that issue by providing a chair or other support that alleviates the pain.

A more complete application for back pain might include a complete report from one or more doctors, including X-rays and other diagnostic tests. It will also include recommendations from physical therapists and verified statements attesting to the applicant’s active participation in therapy sessions.

The Administration will use generic assessments, suggesting that a certain type of disability will last for only three or four months, but those assessments might fail to account for unique conditions that exacerbate a particular applicant’s disability. Paying attention to all of the details that are required for a successful application will help to overcome these issues.

Addressing the SSDI Denial Reasons

A denied disability application is not the end of the line, especially when you have the experienced New York social security disability lawyers at Aronova & Associates on your side. We’ll help you address the SSDI denial reasons one by one. We’ll help you procure new medical documentation to supplement your injury claims, such as a detailed report from your doctor explaining how your disability affects your standing or walking, your ability to lift heavy objects, or your ability to follow directions from bosses and coworkers. We work with a wide network and doctors and other healthcare professionals who can back up and disability claims and help you get the biggest monthly payout possible.

Why Should I Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

The Social Security disability lawyers at Aronova & Associates represent disabled workers in Manhattan, Nassau County, and throughout Long Island and New York State who seek to receive SSDI benefits while they are disabled. Many disabled workers submit their applications without hiring a lawyer to help them, and then do not know how to respond when they receive a Social Security denial letter.

If you have received a denial letter, our attorneys will go through your options with you. Applicants who are denied disability benefits generally have four levels of appeal:

  1. A request for reconsideration;
  2. A personal hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge;
  3. A review by an Appeals Council; and
  4. An appeal of the case in Federal Court.

The policies and procedures for appealing a social security disability denial can be confusing and frustrating. If you have been denied disability, call the NY SSDI attorneys at Aronova & Associates for help in cutting through the confusion and to give yourself the best possible chance of getting your disability benefits application approved. 

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Wherever you are in the process of applying for disability benefits, from filing an initial application to making an appeal, our SSD attorneys can answer your questions and help your claim get approved. 

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